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The Yucca Tree Eatery

Organic food is the promise...

Utilitarian, stretch pants and random house plants:

Organic food with a carefully curated small menu of something for a grab and go bfast or lunch.

I did NOT say brunch as that typically conjures up a comfortable, relaxed, leisurely meal. Nope, not here. Expect roughly painted concrete floors, wooden ladder back chairs, white walls, and a random scattering of house plants. This is clean and utilitarian, no hospitality here! John and I were looking for a new place to try while in the high desert last week. John saw that this place was highly rated so, why not!

The Yucca Tree Eatery is fast-casual service. The woman at the cash register was eager to take another order. Next in line! Up comes the bevy of 30's-something, conservative, well-to-do Orange County opposite-sex couples. We are the only same-sex couple. We do not feel welcomed, there doesn't seem to be anyone that cares! It's a very windy and chilly winter morning and the women are dressed in skin-toned stretch pants, the men in baggy shorts, and both in trendy winter jackets. It's a look, a very self-absorbed experience... don't plan on any human contact with these customers, they are on a breakfast mission and don't notice anyone else, they expect you to notice them but not engage.

We listen to Harry Styles singing Only Angel from the house's playlist.

Our $63 breakfast of two egg sandwiches and two beverages is brought to the table. The young lady seemed a bit (pleasantly) surprised that we would look her in the eyes, smile and sincerely thank her for assisting us. I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen often. Sigh.

The plain and simple promise:

- Organic foods prepared well

- No frills

- No hospitality

- Utilitarian

The surprise:

The extremely expensive food was very good!

If you go:

- Yucca Valley is proudly remote, and has a population of about 21,000.

- The Yucca Tree Eatery is located about 50 minutes from downtown Palm Springs and 2 hours from LA

- Open 6 days a week, 8a-3p, Closed Sundays

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