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my work ... appreciated

Over the years I've been extremely fortunate to have played a small part in creating some special "life moments" for my guests.  Here's some of the wonderful feedback I have received.


Having a positive impact on someone's life is so meaningful to me and, to be honest, why I am a Concierge.  Contact me for your free initial consultation.

04 May 2021

Catherine G. & Debra S.

Kevin, thank you so much for everything!  ... the wonderful dinner suggestions, the attention to all our needs... we loved it!... very charming, like you!   Until next time.

Young Women with Backpacks
Man Smiling

30 Jun 2021


This has been one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I regularly stay at 5 star hotels if available and none of those stays live up to the experience I had after working with you.  Your service is incredible, Kevin.  I cannot say enough good things.

14 Sep 2021

Anne C. & Debbie G.

"Kevin, it was such a pleasure working with you.  You are so competent and enjoyable to work with.  Everyone had such a great time, thank you for all your help!

Girls in a Bar
Happy Man

27 Oct 2021

Robert J.

"We had an absolutely fantastic as well as memorable trip.  I cannot explain to you how much all your help and thoughtfulness meant to me.  Thank you so much for everything, Kevin"

26 Jan 2022


"Our consultation was so helpful.  We now have our whole bachelorette weekend in place including safe driver plans!

Group of Friends

15 Sep 2022

Richard & Lisa

Kevin, Thank you for your excellent service.  You made our trip into an amazing adventure!

Cycling Up the Hill
Cocktail Final Touch

20 Mar 2022

Kathy & Mo

Kevin, Thanks for spoiling us! Much love & appreciation!

Image by Benni Hunnit

24 Sep 2022


Special kudos, Kevin. Your professionalism and caring made our trip!

28 Jan 2023

Shawna & Patrica Ann

Kevin, thanks for helping us celebrate what has been a lovely wedding experience.  We certainly will make this an annual visit but more importantly during our 4 months in the desert we will stop in to see you often!  

People like you make the world so much better! 

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