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Exclusive Services

You've done your research for an awesome Palm Springs trip. You've got the perfect Vacation Rental, AirBnB, Boutique Inn or Hotel reserved and realize that the assistance available from those sources and social media is just not cutting it.  Now, you want to impress your tribe, be they life long friends, besties, family or just you, with a first class trip, however YOUR LIFE IS BUSY and you NEED THE HELP of a LOCAL EXPERT!


Enjoy the benefits of my years of working with hotel guests visiting Palm Springs.  Contact me for a free initial phone call.  If you would like assistance in planning or managing your visit and want CURATED INFORMATION and CUSTOM SERVICE to enable your trip to Palm Springs to be exactly what you want it to be, I'm your guy!  We decide on the fees for your service, based on your needs.  Payment is via Apple Cash or Venmo. Your privacy and total discretion are always respected and supported.

Take your trip to the next level

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