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Get to Know Your Private Concierge

At The Palm Springs Concierge, I help you plan and carry out your downtown Palm Springs event or vacation in a way that connects emotionally with you.  Founded in 2015, my one-stop hospitality service helps you navigate all the ideas, recommendations and information that is sometimes confusing or overwhelming.  My objective is to provide TRUE HOSPITALITY, with international standards of excellence.

I've traveled the world for both business and pleasure so I know first hand how to assist you.  My years of service as a hotel lobby concierge and up-to-date experience and network of local Palm Springs connections enable me to assist you in ways that on-line and social media can't.  If you're ready for assistance from a real, live human, send me an email or better yet, schedule a free initial phone call.

My difference is so simple: I'm passionate about helping you.  I believe that understanding and embracing difference, in all its many forms, not only makes us better people with richer lives, it also makes me better able to connect with my guests.  You simply can’t create meaningful moments without a culture that embraces diversity because you can’t make a genuine human connection with someone unless you are comfortable being the real you.  It’s as simple as that.

Image by Karl Fredrickson
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